When Can You Collect SASSA R350 Payment?

By Klenam JU •  Updated: 01/06/24 •  5 min read

The South African Social Security Agency provides financial support for millions of South Africans who do not have any source of income to at least cater for their basic needs. Individuals who benefit from the SASSA R350 grant and have been approved can access their monthly payment through a bank account or any of these stores chosen by them; Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, or Boxer.

Do you have any issues with the dates grants get paid, when you can collect your R350 by bank or post office, the duration for you to receive payment after being approved or how you can change your payment method? Then it is a must for you to read this article.

What Date is the R350 Grant Paid?

For the year 2022, the payment plans for R350 are in this order; elderly persons, disabled persons, child support and the other grants follow. These are the detailed dates for the rest of the year 2022; In November, older persons will be paid on the 2nd-3rd, disabled persons on the 3rd-4th and child support and other grants on the 5th-7th. In December, older persons will be paid on the 1st-2nd, disabled persons on the 2nd-3rd, and child support and other grants will be on the 4th-6th. Also, note that these payments will be issued with other linked grants.

When Can I collect my SASSA R350 Grant By Bank Payment?

 After going through all the steps on your application and you choose payment by bank, and you’re wondering when you can collect your grant, well, you will receive your money that month, but you should note that there is no set date when it will be issued to you. You should also know that when your grant payment is by a bank, your application details will be sent to the treasury department and then to the bank to which you chose your grant to be paid.

After that, it will be taken back to the treasury department and passed on to SASSA to begin your payment process. SASSA stated the reason behind bank payment as it was easy and accessible anywhere in the world compared to other payment methods.

After all these processes, it takes about seven working days for the grant to reflect in your account for withdrawal; your grant can also be withdrawn from the ATM of your choice

When Can I Collect My SASSA Grant By Post Office?

It was disclosed on the 12th of May that the post office would not issue grant payment for the time being. To get your grant, you must use your SASSA card at the selected stores stated in the intro above. What if I do not have a SASSA card? Worry no more because you can use your cellphone number and a valid ID card. Please remember that both the cellphone number and ID should be yours. You should also make sure that you choose an option on the Social Security of Distress (SRD) website to be able to fetch your grant.

This process of receiving your grant was made to reduce stress, avoid or minimize lengthy queues and prevent overcrowding. Only people who benefit from the older persons grant, disability grant and child support grant have the chance to still go to the post office for their grants.

How Long Does SASSA Take to Pay R350 After Approval?

You might feel stressed, tired and frustrated when you’re expecting money from somewhere, but it’s keeping long to come. Take a deep breath and relax as I explain why it’s happening.

SASSA disclosed that the number of days needed to complete your grant process after your approval is seven days. If you have waited for seven days and still haven’t received your grant, firstly check if your bank details match the information you brought when filling out the application, for example, your name. You might exempt one of your middle names if you have one. Secondly, check if the post office pays your SASSA payment method.

If it is, it’s necessary to change it immediately because the post office no longer makes payments. Lastly, the problem might result from payment not being processed yet. They’ll issue your payment soon because individuals that need to be issued their grant have multiplied this year, so patience is the only key.

How Can I Change My SRD R350 Payment method?

If you benefit from the SRD and have been successfully approved by SASSA, you can always change your payment method if you’re having problems with the current one. You can use these steps to enable you to change it; visit this link srd.sassa.gov.za  and scroll down till you see how to change your banking details. After that, an SMS will be sent to the cellphone number you used to register when filling out the application. This pop-up sms contains a secured link. Click on the link and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes.

If you’re using a bank account, make sure that it belongs to you and only because sass will never issue your grant into an account that is not yours. After successfully changing the details, it will take about seven working days or more for you to see the changes you made have been verified.