What Is APS For University Admission

By Klenam JU •  Updated: 01/23/24 •  6 min read

It is always desired among many students to excel in every aspect of their examination. This excellence, to them, leads to big opportunities. 

Considering some of the critical factors of gaining admission into the university, there are a lot of requirements that must be met. 

As part of the requirements, it becomes necessary for universities to inculcate admission point scores

into their selection process. This has revolutionalized the whole admission process reflecting assessments, scores, and grades. 

It has become common for most universities worldwide to include admission point scores in their admission process. 

In South Africa, educational institutions use admission point scores, which are numerical values, to assess and compare applicants for admission. When evaluating applicants, universities usually consider various factors such as academic achievements, standardized test scores, and occasionally even extracurricular activities. Applicants with higher scores have a greater potential to succeed in their chosen program. Institutions and programs have different admission point scores, which is done to make sure that the selection process is fair and transparent. Because the competition for enrollment can be fierce, candidates work hard to improve their scores to increase their chances of being accepted into the academic programs they desire.

Why is your APS Important?

The question of the importance of the APS has to do with how it serves the world, especially universities. The relevance of the admission point score looks beyond the individual spectrum. 

The admission point is an important metric for evaluating and assessing the eligibility of applicants who looks to seek admission into the university. 

In our modern world now, admission point score has become standard among many educational institutions. 

When you look at the large number of applicants received every day, the admission point score has become an instrument used in the selection process. There are systems in place that point out the various requirements, including who meets the admission point score of the university. 

As part of the importance of admission point score, it streamlines the admission and selection process of universities by spotting candidates who look more prolific and has the potential to excel. It is expected that students who have high admission point scores might have the potential to be excellent in their academic work. 

Furthermore, the admission point score system serves as a helpful tool for students to comprehend the criteria and standards set by their preferred educational institutions. This enables them to make well-informed choices regarding which institutions to apply to.

What APS do you need for university?

When considering entering the university, there are certain requirements to check before applying. The requirements include the APS of every student or applicant.

These admission point scores are vital in ensuring students are selected or considered for admission.

It can be uncertain for many who yearn to gain admission unto the university to know the APS they need. These are part of the process of most universities to ensure the required people are selected.

To get into the university, you need not less than an APS score of 19 points. This will allow you to get a diploma course or a bachelor’s course.

How many aps is a bachelor pass?

The bachelor’s pass is considered to be the highest pass level in the matric. When we look generally at academic qualifications, a bachelor’s pass is considered more significant than any other 1st qualification.

If you want to gain admission into the university to have a bachelor’s qualification, then you need to consider the points you get for your admission point score. The minimum requirement for the bachelor’s pass in the APS is 23 points. Every individual looking to study for a bachelor’s degree at the university must ensure the minimum point of 23 is met before being considered. 

How do you calculate your APS before applying to a university or institution?

The APS is a way to measure your academic achievements and evaluate applicants in a standardized manner. When applying to universities or institutions, your Academic Performance Score (APS) is crucial in determining your eligibility.

Having a strong academic performance can greatly increase your chances of getting accepted into the university or institution you want. Demonstrating your commitment to academic excellence showcases your ability to handle the challenges of higher education.

Every percentage for the subjects written has a value that needs to correspond to the standard set. Knowing the points to these subjects is the initial stage in knowing how to calculate your APS.

80% – 100% = 7 points

70% – 79% = 6 points

60% – 69% = 5 points

50% – 59% = 4 points

40% – 49% = 3 points

30% – 39% = 2 points

0% – 29% = 1 point

The second step is to gather all the written subjects and check the various scores you had in them. For instance, you may have written mathematics, science, social studies, and other languages. These subjects will help you determine your overall APS score.

After determining the scores and points for the subjects, it is time to add up.

For each of the subjects written, confirm the percentage and determine the points that are aligned for that subject. Add those points for all your 6 subjects together. 

The final addition will determine your academic performance in the matric exams. The higher your APS score, the likelihood of getting admitted into the university. Having a distancing or excelling well in your exams will not only give you a chance to enter the university but also get accommodation. 

Here is a mathematical calculation to follow using the percentages and the points allocated for the scores. 

Subject A: 90%

Subject B: 82%

Subject C: 70%

Subject D: 64%

Subject E: 47%

Subject F: 59%

Now calculate your APS score using the points. 

Subject A: 7 points

Subject B: 7 points

Subject C: 6 points

Subject D: 5 points

Subject E: 3 points

Subject F: 4 points

Total APS Score = 7+7+6+5+3+4=32

What Is A Good APS Score?

A good APS score in the broader contest refers to a score that movies you a higher chance of being admitted into the university. In this sense, your APS score should fall into the right category of having to secure admission and get a bachelor’s course. 

There are instances where a good APS score can be considered as 23 points and more. However, the “definition” of good in the APS score can be relative among universities. There will be no disputes about your APS score being good if you have a point of 36 and more.

Which Subjects Count towards my APS?

Although 7 subjects are written in the matric, only 6 subjects count towards your APS score. If you are considering how you can calculate your APS score for tertiary admission, it is important to consider the 6 subjects written and ignore life orientation as a subject. Life orientation does not count toward your APS score. 

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