Schools With the Highest Matric Pass Rate in Mpumalanga?

By Trev Gami •  Updated: 01/23/24 •  5 min read

Mpumalanga Province achieved a pass rate of 76.8% in the 2022 Matric examinations, and it finished in the 6th position out of nine provinces. This pass rate witnessed a 3.2% increase from the previous record. Out of 68,000 students who sat for their matric exams, 51,000 passed. While other schools have better passes than others, the good news is that the results are encouraging. Here are the schools that have the highest pass rate in Mpumalanga. 

List of Top 10 Schools That Have the Highest Matric Pass Rate in Mpumalanga

On average, most schools in Mpumalanga obtained good results in the 2022 Matric exams. The following 10 schools are top-rated because of their outstanding performance.   

Höerskool Nelspruit

Hoërskool Nelspruit is a public learning institution that leads other schools in terms of academic performance in past exams. The school has a history of following a comprehensive curriculum and maintaining a healthy pass rate of 100% over the past five years and an average Bachelor’s degree pass of about 85%.  

Höerskool Bergvlam

Hoërskool Bergvlam is another public high school with a consistent record of achieving a high pass rate in national exams. From 2019 to 2021, the school attained an average pass rate of 97%. Most students who sat for their exams in 2022 had an average Bachelor’s pass of 80%. The school is one of the top-performing institutions in the province, and it attracts learners from different backgrounds. 

HTS Witbank

HTS Witbank School is located in Emalahleni in Mpumalanga Province. It is one of the top-performing learning institutions in the province. From 2019 to 2021, it produced an average pass rate of 95%. Despite the challenges like load shedding, which affected all sectors of the economy, including education, the school performed well in 2022. It obtained a pass rate of 96%.

Höerskool Standerton

Hoërskool Standerton is a public secondary school located in the Lekwa West district in Mpumalanga Province. It obtained a pass rate of 95.7% in the 2022 Matric exams to be in the first position in the district. The school maintains high pass rates in national exams, and it also excels in other extracurricular activities. 

Suikerland Secondary

Suikerland Secondary School is a public learning institution and is open to students from various backgrounds. Apart from following a comprehensive CAPS curriculum, the school also offers extracurricular activities to develop students in other aspects of life. The school often produces an average pass rate of around 95% in matric examinations. Most students from Suikerland School manage to further their careers at various tertiary institutions, including universities and colleges.  

Siyifunile Secondary

Despite the challenges experienced by several schools in the province, Siyifunile is one of the best-performing centers in terms of academic excellence. From 2019 to 2022, it managed to maintain a consistent pass rate of 100% in Matric examinations. It follows a CAPS curriculum, and its success is attributed to dedicated educators who are determined to improve the academic careers of their students.  

Sinethemba Secondary

Sinethemba Secondary School follows a CAPS curriculum, and it is one of the learning institutions in the province that produces fair results in public examinations. The average pass rate during the past five years was around 60%, but the results seem to be improving. Many schools in the province are often affected by different challenges that affect the quality of results. 

Umzimvelo Secondary

Umzimvelo Secondary is a combined school that caters to the needs of students from different backgrounds. It is one of the learning institutions that produces high results in public examinations in the province. For instance, from 2019 to 2021, the school has been producing an average pass rate of around 90%, and it maintained the same trend in recent exams.  

Hoerskool Lydenburg

Hoërskool Lydenburg Secondary School is renowned for producing an average pass rate of 99% in national exams for the past five years. Located within the Mpumalanga Municipality District, this public school is open to students from diverse backgrounds. It follows a comprehensive CAPS curriculum and other extracurricular activities designed to develop students to become responsible leaders. In the 2022 Matric exams, the institution was among the top schools with high pass rates in the province. 

Ben Matloshe High

This public school has a record of producing an average pass rate of between 79% and 93% in national examinations. Ben Mathloshe High School manages to produce a substantial number of students with Bachelor’s degree passes. The majority of the candidates obtain diplomas and other passes. 

In the 2022 Matric examinations, Mpumalanga finished in the sixth position out of nine provinces in South Africa. Like other learning institutions, the school experienced several hurdles that could have contributed to its performance, like load shedding and the impacts of COVID-19. Besides these obstacles, some schools defied the odds and still managed to attain very good passes. The public schools highlighted above are some of the best learning institutions in the province you can consider for your child.