How to Check Credit Clearance Status In South Africa

By Mav OT •  Updated: 03/24/24 •  7 min read

Ever heard about credit clearance? What does it mean to check credit clearance status? Considering the presence of credit facilities in South Africa, the point of credit check clearance can not be omitted. It is important to understand how the clearance system works and what defines this clearance status. 

But before we explain how to check your credit clearance status, there are key elements you need to understand about credit. The concept of credit is broad, but many individuals in South Africa do not get it. They tend to fall into huge debt and later look for ways to improve their credit score. But there are also ways to avoid these issues with your credit. 

But what happens if you find yourself there? How do you move from checking your credit debt, checking the clearance status, clearing your name and reviewing your debt?

However, this article compromises many divisions in credit check clearance. The focus of this will highlight how to check credit clearance status in South Africa. 

In the end, you should understand what this whole process entails, its benefits, and how to proceed. 

How to check credit clearance status in South Africa

Credit clearance status is a big part of how much money you can borrow and how well your credit stays in good shape in South Africa. The state of someone’s credit clearance tells you a lot about how responsible they are with their money, which is important for any loan, credit card, or rental property application.

It is easy to find out how your credit clearing is going in South Africa. It is fast and simple to get your credit report from companies like TransUnion, Experian, etc. 

By law, every credit bureau in South Africa has to give every customer one free credit record every year. You can check your credit record for errors or unpaid bills to see if there is something wrong with the way your credit is being cleared.

Once you get this free credit report, you should be able to see the existing status of your credit. The status defines the stand of your credit score, whether your debt has been cleared, blacklisted, etc. 

Some credit bureaus offer online portals for customers who want to check the status of their credit clearance. By logging in to your account, you should check your profile to see the current status of your credit clearance. 

How do I clear my name from the credit bureau in South Africa?

In South Africa, you need to clear your name from a credit company to get your finances back on track and get credit. 

Getting your name cleared, on the other hand, can help you get credit again and give you access to many financial benefits.

To clear your name from a credit bureau, here are some guides to help you.

Get a copy of your credit record from one of the big credit bureaus in South Africa, like Experian or Transunion.

This will help you clear your name with a credit bureau. Carefully read the report to find any mistakes or errors. If you find mistakes, you should challenge them with the credit bureau and back up your claim with proof.

Next, take care of any bills or accounts that are past due that could be hurting your credit score. You might want to talk to your creditors about settling your bills or making repayment plans that you can stick to. Making payments on time and lowering your balances will show that you are disciplined with money and will eventually help your credit score.

Making consistent efforts to handle your money properly will help you build a good credit history and ensure your long-term financial success.

Clearing your name from a South African credit bureau is an active step toward financial freedom and getting access to many credit possibilities. You can rebuild your credit score and enjoy the benefits of a good financial image by checking your credit report for errors, fixing them, and being responsible with your debts.

How long does it take to clear your name from a credit bureau in South Africa?

In South Africa, clearing your name from the credit bureau is all about paying off all debt and reconciling on your account. The clearing process requires a series of actions and a continuous check. This helps you monitor the progress and can be done by requesting your credit report.

It takes between 1 week to 3 weeks to clear your name from a credit bureau in South Africa. Supposing you are with Transuniion, your best timeline to clear your name from them in South Africa is a maximum of 20 days. 

Certainly, not all the credit bureaus have the same timeline for the clearing process. But the entire process takes weeks, and therefore, keeping a close eye on your credit gives you a sense of progress. 

How do I contact the credit bureau clearance in South Africa?

There is always the need to check with your credit bureau at any needed point. This way you should find the needed information before things escalate on your credit report. 

South Africa has about 3 credit bureaus and other supportive credit financial institutions. 

But which of them do you belong to? 

Before you contact the credit bureau clearance, you must first understand your credit score and know the credit bureau you belong to. 

You can contact your credit bureau clearance via email or customer care call. There is a customer care call centre within a window period. 

All the credit bureaus in South Africa have their email addresses or contact information for easy communication. Whether Transunion or Experian, you can call or email them on your credit clearance or other genuine concerns. 

How do I know if my name is cleared from the debt review?

Debt is one struggle most people find difficult to deal with. In South Africa, a lot of people struggle to find ways to clear their debt which results in a lot of financial burden. 

When these things happen, debt review becomes the sole solution, as this provides a better opportunity for individuals who are trying to rebuild their financial lives.

Before we look at how to know if your name has been cleared from debt review, we must understand what the concept of debt review. What does it mean? Is it beneficial? How does it work?

Debt review, which is also called debt counselling, is a legal process that helps people who have too much debt manage their money better. The main goal of debt review is to help people come up with a reasonable and affordable way to pay back their debts while also protecting them from aggressive actions by creditors like repossession and court proceedings.

The first step is to request your credit report from your credit bureau. Going through that, you should be able to view your credit report and see the entire debt clearance on it.

Also, upon completion of your debt review process, you will receive a clearance certificate from your debt counsellor. This indicates that you have paid all the bills as per the agreement. The certificate confirms your debt is no longer being checked and this means you are back on track with your finances. 

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