Cellphone Insurance: Reviews, Features, and Benefits

By Dave Nyam •  Updated: 07/07/24 •  6 min read

Today, cell phones are directly incorporated into our daily activities as communication media and as sources of entertainment and personal organizers. Therefore, considering the devices’ importance and the monetary value one pays to purchase them, it becomes imperative to insure them. In South Africa, people can get complete cellphone insurance services against risks of theft, loss, and damage from several insurance providers. It reviews some of the most preferred cellphone insurance providers available in South Africa, evaluates their cost for coverage, and explains how to make an insurance claim.

Most Popular Cellphone Insurance Providers in South Africa

Budget Insurance

Budget Insurance offers cellphone insurance as part of their Portable Possessions Insurance. You are entitled to this if you have a house, contents, car, or motorcycle insurance policy with Budget. In their direct cellphone insurance offer, they provide coverage against accidental damage, accidental loss, and theft if you behave responsibly toward taking care of your device. This does not apply in cases of superficial damage and to phones used for business purposes. Thus, Budget Insurance is a sure deal when securing one’s private cell phone.

Vodacom Insurance

Vodacom provides comprehensive device insurance tailored for personal and business use. Their plans begin at only R10 per month, which covers several forms of damage, including cracking of the screen, water damage, or even accidental drops. More interestingly, Vodacom promised that a replacement gadget would be delivered in less than 24 hours after one has successfully claimed their device, thus minimally causing disruption. Their flexibility in cover options and affordably priced premium have them top on the list of most chosen by South African consumers.

MTN Device Insurance

MTN insurance applies to cellphones, routers, laptops, and wearables. The insurance protects against theft, loss, or damage. Immediate cover options are available to make the experience of securing one’s devices hassle-free. An excess buy-down facility will further reduce out-of-pocket expenses at the time of claims. With MTN’s expanded coverage and additional benefits like data protection, one gets comprehensive device insurance.


OUTsurance offers worldwide cellphone insurance with several benefits, including fixed premium rates for 12 months, a low fixed excess amount, and cash-back rewards after three claim-free years. Their policy is straightforward: no hidden costs; everything is transparent to the client. In integrating cellphone coverage with present contents insurance, OUTsurance grants hassle-free and cost-effective solutions to clients already hosting other policies.

Pineapple Insurance

Pineapple innovates in cellphone insurance by allowing users to do everything about their policies through an app. This includes screen damage, theft, accidental and water damage, and even natural disasters. But what sets Pineapple apart is how seamless it is: customers can get quotes, make claims, and adjust policies directly inside the app. And this (modern, user-friendly approach) propelled Pineapple to become the stratosphere of choice among the tech-savvy.


Cellphone insurance is part of Santam’s home insurance policies. This will affect the phone, the charger, and the headphones. In this way, all portable possessions are protected. Santam is a reliable provider with extensive coverage options, making it one of the most trusted providers in the South African insurance market.

King Price

King Price provides cellphone insurance under their portable possessions insurance. It involves listing expensive gadgets specifically. All policies include loss, damage, and theft incidents while ensuring that customers are appropriately compensated for such events. Through clear and easy-to-understand policies, together with customer-driven service, King Price has established a base of loyal customers.

How Much is Cell Phone Insurance?

Cellphone insurance in South Africa starts from as little as R10 per month with Vodacom on basic plans, moving up to more advanced comprehensive coverage options with added benefits. More generally, premiums will depend on the phone’s value, the extent of the coverage purchased, and the history of the policyholder’s claims. For example, comprehensive Vodacom coverage is available for as little as R29.25 per month. It offers vast protection without extorting your pockets. To ensure you are adequately covered by phone insurance and are not overpaying, it remains vital to consider these options and select a plan that will meet your specific needs.

How to Make a Cell Phone Insurance Claim

While making a cellphone insurance claim may not be tricky, a few steps must be taken efficiently. Inform your insurer of the incident immediately. This is often possible through a call, email, or the provider’s app. Give them all the necessary details, like the time and place of the incident and what exactly happened.

First, report the loss/theft to the South African Police Service and obtain a case number. This is very important in any claim relating to robbery. In this regard, keep all documentation regarding proof of ownership and, if applicable, photos of any damage. Attach these documents and the completed claim form to your insurance provider.

After submitting it, an assessor will evaluate your claim. Sometimes, this involves checking your details and examining the device that has been damaged. Once the assessment is done, the insurers will then write to inform you of their decision and repair or replace your phone if your claim is successful. Make sure you regularly follow up with your provider to get things moving.

Documents Needed to Make a Cell Phone Insurance Claim

While claiming cellphone insurance, the documentation is essential to help the process go smoothly without a hitch. The following documents will be required:

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